We are Abella.

Cultural managementProduction of cultural events.

What is Abella Producións?

We are Abella Producións, a comprehensive and resolute CULTURAL MANAGEMENT entity, with the intention of creating and conducting events for social and cultural change and growth.

We are a positive proposal, with great capacity and experience to undertake projects through a committed and flexible organization.

Our main objective is competence in our actions and that they result in the satisfaction of their recipients.

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Event Production Services

Our areas of work are divided into four cells:

  • CULTURAL AUDIT: feasibility study of public and private projects. Advice on the construction and development of events.
  • CULTURAL ACTION: Cultural dynamization. Quality proposals for social and cultural change and growth.
  • COMMUNICATION: Communication and marketing strategies. Digital media and dissemination. Journalism communication.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Marketing of audiovisual and performing arts works.

Events and Projects in Our Hands

Over the years, many public institutions, companies, associations, and local businesses have trusted us:


Galician Freaky Film Festival (GFFF)

Christmas 2017, as a result of the reception of freak videos in the call for the Festival Primavera do Cine, the Galician Freaky Film Festival was born.


The GALICIAN FREAKY FILM FESTIVAL is the ultimate freak cinema and culture event. A festival that shows a careful national and international selection of genre films. Pieces often unpublished in Galicia, with world, international and national premieres. The festival is more than just a film event, with film screenings being the epicenter of numerous parallel activities. An event that gains more fans year after year, a festival that goes beyond the cinematic becoming a true community experience.

More than 2,000 people responded to the freak call in the seventh edition of the festival held in September 2023 at the C.C. Plaza Elíptica and the Cines Tamberlick (Vigo). The positive reviews from the public, guests and media, and the support of creators from all over the world, together with a very careful programming in a unique environment, make the GFFF the most fun film festival in Galicia and one of the most vandal genre festivals in the national scene.

The Wild

Managers of The Wild, the multidisciplinary festival that takes place in the San Miguel de Oia Forest Park.

Stay Wild

“The best experiences are those that awaken the senses”

This was the slogan of the poster of THE WILD 2019 and this is how this project is summarized. An event that leaves no one indifferent. A multidisciplinary and polyhedral event enriched with the most diverse experiences and activities, with sustainability and respect for the environment as a common thread.

THE WILD aims to establish itself as a benchmark festival, with nature, sustainability and environmental care as its guiding principles. Concerts, sports, cinema, companies, talks, gastronomy, artisans, and the little ones are the pillars that sustain this event that integrates all kinds of audiences and sensitivities. The fifth edition of THE WILD took place on June 23, 24 and 25, 2023 again in a privileged enclave such as the San Miguel de Oia Forest Park.

Close to 2,000 attendees attended this conglomerate of activities that made this event more than just a festival: an experience to share with family and friends in the heart of nature.

Unha ponte coa lusofonía

A selection of contemporary cinematographies from countries of the Lusophone community.


A BRIDGE WITH THE LUSOPHONY is born as a film festival with which we intend to bring contemporary Lusophone and Galician productions to Vigo, bringing to the province of Pontevedra alternative works that are outside the most mainstream circuit.

The III edition of this festival took place between October and November 2023 and was held at the MARCO - Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo. For four days, the public was able to enjoy two recent works, a feature film and a short film, from the four Lusophone countries present in the selection of this edition:Angola, Brazil, Portugal and Galicia.

The Abella Producións team had already been working on this idea when it was organizing the Primavera de Cine Festival, the most important Lusophone film festival in our territory. The cultural and ethnographic exchange of both communities united forever by language is one of the great motivations to develop projects like the one we present, to spread integration and exchange between Galicia and the Lusophone countries through cinema.

Cinema Miúdo

Managers of the International Children's Film Festival of Ames (2019, 2022 - ...)


Driven by the City Council of Ames and in collaboration with Patio de Luces Producciones, Abella Producións, developed the management and production of the III Edition of the International Children's Film Festival of Ames.

After a year of hiatus, our entity resumed the management of the event from the year 2022.

In the VI and last edition held between November 16 and 19, 2023, 75 works from all over the world were screened. Workshops and musical and circus performances complemented the screenings. A complete event for the little ones in the house that was attended by more than 1,000 spectators.

Dissemination of the work of Musicating Silent Films

The dissemination of audiovisual works of silent cinema musicated live by professionals is one of the activities that we have been developing for the most years.


The dissemination of audiovisual works of silent cinema musicated live by professionals is one of the activities that we have been developing for the most years. This type of activity usually receives the support of the public, who values the opportunity to enjoy key works in the history of cinema by adding the component of enjoying live musical pieces composed by and for the occasion. The atmosphere in which the projection immerses us allows us to experience it as our ancestors did a century ago.

  1. The Passion of Joan of Arc

  2. Nosferatu

  3. The Phantom Carriage

  4. Häxan

  5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Sementeira no Camiño

Poetry and cinema along emblematic towns of the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela.

New ways of feeling the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago has been, for centuries, one of the most important pilgrimage routes in the world, with an immense impact that extends, as it could not be otherwise, to art and culture.

With Sementeira no Camiño we highlight the richness of the natural and cultural heritage of the Camino de Santiago, as well as its human aspect by seeking the exchange of experiences between its inhabitants and pilgrims through art.

In this project we wanted to bring to the towns of Iria Flavia, Pontecesures, Cesantes, Redondela and Tui another way of living and feeling the pilgrimage. Five days where the values and virtues of the Camino de Santiago were highlighted through the screening of a series of films garnished with the beautiful poetry of artists from the towns.

Nas Ondas Galegas

Onda Galicia


NAS ONDAS GALEGAS. A podcast of two seasons with 6 programs each in which we will take a tour through the history of Galician and Brazilian music. The project is aimed at music lovers of our Lusophone influence, so it will be presented in Galician and Portuguese by our team.

The project we present aims to create a web platform where the language and culture of Galicia are the axis for the presentation of Galician and Brazilian music in its various aspects. The platform aims to be a tool to promote the richness of Galician and Brazilian music and take advantage of the good current moment to generate new audiences and new territories for music produced in Galicia and Brazil. Beyond the informative format of the web, the platform provides 6 episodes, with programs specifically produced for the project, where the different moments and styles of Galician and Brazilian music will be addressed.

The programs will be presented in Galician and Portuguese, with the aim of opening up an opportunity to create spaces and opportunities for Galician music and language together with the Lusophone community.

Ciclo O surrealismo de Saramago no cinema 2022

José Saramago film cycle to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner.


In the framework of the centenary of José Saramago, this film cycle, promoted by the I International Chair José Saramago of the University of Vigo and curated by Abella Produciones, focused on the surrealist aspects that emerge from the work of the Nobel Prize in Literature and that developed in some of his film adaptations. However, other themes were also addressed, such as the political, poetic and biographical elements of a universal work and personality, whose ideas have not ceased to have a manifest relevance.

For three weeks, three feature films (Enemigo, Embargo and Ceguera), a documentary (José y Pilar) and seven short films (three of them produced in Galicia) were screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo (MARCO). Each of the five sessions was presented by people involved in the making and/or production of the films, as well as in the film industry.

Primavera do Cine (ed. IV a VIII)

Managers of the most important Galician and Lusophone film festival in our territory.


In its last management, edition VIII, held between April and May 2019, close to 100 works were exhibited and more than 3,000 people attended. The careful parallel activities along with the screenings that took place during the festival days make the Primavera do Cine Festival the largest film event in the city of Vigo to date.

Cine miúdo

An educational and pedagogical activity in which, through a live musicalization, the importance of music in silent, children and family cinema is shown to the youngest.


Cine Miúdo is an educational and pedagogical activity in which, through a live musicalization, by the hand of the group Caspervek Trío, the youngest are shown the importance of music in silent, children's and family cinema.

For 5 years, and after 14 sessions, more than 4,000 children have passed through this activity supported by the City Council of Vigo, AFundación and more than 25 schools in the region.

Novo Cinema

Hand in hand with the Embassy of Brazil in Madrid and the Hispano-Brazilian Cultural Foundation.


Hand in hand with the Embassy of Brazil in Madrid and the Hispano-Brazilian Cultural Foundation, the presentation of Brazilian films such as O Silêncio do Céu by Marco Dutra or Antes que eu me esqueça by Tiago Arakilian was carried out for two years in an attempt to bring a small part of the great audiovisual production that is generated in the South American giant.

Of the six sessions held, four of them took place in the already classic Multicines Norte in Vigo, and two of them in public spaces receiving the support and collaboration of their corresponding neighborhood associations.

Mostra de cinema cubano

Retrospective of the most outstanding films of Cuban cinema from the last four decades.


Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, a retrospective of some of the most outstanding films of Cuban cinema from the last four decades was held: Soy Cuba, by Mikhail Kalatozov, Clandestinos, by Fernando Pérez or Fresa y Chocolate by Juan Carlos Tabio and Tomás Gutierrez Alea together with a section of short films made up this exhibition.

The event took place at the Multicines Norte in collaboration with the Ateneo Atlántico, the Cuban Consulate of Santiago de Compostela, the Galician-Cuban friendship association Francisco Villamil and the ICAIC.

Open air cinema

Activity that was born as a complement to Primavera do Cine, and that over time became an independent activity.

Bringing cinema to the neighborhoods

Activity that was born as a complement to Primavera do Cine, and that over time became an independent activity. Its main motivation is to bring cinema to neighborhoods far from urban centers. Close to a dozen screenings endorse this activity as a different way of enjoying cinema in community.

Who Are We?

Experience, commitment, creativity, and good humor define us. Get to know the Abella team!

Juan de Castro

Juan de Castro

He comes from the field of engineering and architecture, but in the last decade he has focused all his energies on cultural management, as a University Expert in Cultural Management from USC, and in the production of film projects and cultural events. President and captain of Abella Producións and director of GFFF and Cinema Miúdo de Ames. He has been invited as a judge and programmer at festivals and film shows in Spain and Portugal such as Cinanima, FIC Verín, or Motel X. He is the manager of The Wild Fest and was the director of the Primavera do Cine Festival.

Ignacio Lago (Nacho)

Ignacio Lago (Nacho)

Computer Engineer, technical manager and team coordinator in multiple national and international companies and projects. He wrote film criticism on various blogs between 2010 and 2013. Member, on multiple occasions, of the organization of the Galician Freaky Film Festival, the International Film Festival Primavera do Cine and the Nun Local Festival. He has been attending film festivals and shows in Galicia for more than a decade, such as Play-Doc or Cineuropa; national, such as Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, TerrorMolins, MECAL, Docs Barcelona or IN-EDIT; and international ones such as the Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival or the TIFF - Tokyo International Film Festival.

Miriam P. Álvarez

Miriam P. Álvarez

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Faculty of Information Sciences of UCM. She began her career by collaborating as a volunteer in cultural events in the city of Vigo. She worked as Assistant Director at the Primavera do Cine (2018-2019) and GFFF - Galician Freaky Film Festival (2017-2021), assuming the Subdirection of the latter since 2022.

A member of Abella Producións since its inception, she performs tasks of production, financing, community manager and/or video editing in the different projects of the production company.

In the audiovisual field, she has performed tasks as production assistant and director in several music videos by the group Broken Peach (I miss you, Late night sessions, Like a Gale…). She presents and produces since 2021 the YouTube program Ministerio do Cinema Freak and Cinema Caníbal focused on the dissemination of cinema.

André de Oliveira

André de Oliveira

Poet, visual artist and cultural manager, he holds a degree in Visual Arts from Unigranrio and has completed a training course for public managers and cultural agents at UERJ (Brazil). He was councilor for culture and tourism in the city of Duque de Caxias, Brazil. He has participated in various cultural movements in Brazil, among them: the cultural group Utópicus, the Cineclube Mate Con Angu and the Lira de Ouro. He founded and chaired Radio Quarup FM, in the city of Duque de Caxias. Author of the poetry book Manual práctico para uso de obxectos sensíbeis. He currently lives in the city of Vigo in Spain, where he works at the production company Abella Producións, where he has already participated in the productions of the International Film Festival Primavera do Cine de Vigo and the Galician Freak Film Festival, as well as performing at the International Poetry Festival Kerouac.

Paula Pazo

Paula Pazo

Audiovisual, events and show producer, with a master's degree in subtitling and audio description, and a technician in computer network administration. She began her working life in the field of computer science until she changed professions and mixed both, leading the production and management of the Retrovigo video game event. Member of the organization at the Consentido, International Film Festival Primavera do Cine, Galician Freaky Film Festival (GFFF), International Children's Film Festival of Ames (Cinema Miúdo). Programming management and website at The Wild Festival and collaborator at the FaroGaming video game event through the Retrogaláicos association of which she is a part. She also participated in the audiovisual production of the TVG programs Tupperclub and Festigaliando.

Severiano Casalderrey

Severiano Casalderrey

Graduated in Art History and Senior Degree in Piano, he dedicates a good part of his current professional activity to film curation. He was director of the animation festival ANIRMAU (2011-13). Since 2012 he has been part of the programming team of the short film festival FICBUEU, of which he was its deputy director between 2019 and 2023. Currently, he works as a curator in other Galician film festivals such as GFFF (Vigo), Cinema Miúdo (Ames), IMAXINARIA (A Coruña) and INTERSECCIÓN (A Coruña).

He has occasionally collaborated with other festivals around the world in the area of film programming, in addition to participating as a judge in more than 15 festivals (Cinanima, TIDCA-Taipei, Curtas Vila do Conde…). He is also the author of four literary publications aimed at promoting short films, in addition to occasionally collaborating with specialized magazines such as Tempos Novos, Transit or A Cuarta Parede. He is also a member of the Galician Academy of Audiovisual since 2012, as well as the Spanish Academy of Cinema since 2023.

Jorge Fdz Meneses

Jorge Fdz Meneses

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo. He combines participation in shootings of both his own projects: "Astral" (2017), "Brotes"(2018); and others: "Trote" (Xacio Baño, 2018), "Maria Solinha" (Ignacio Vilar, 2020), "Monte Bravo"(Noelia Muíño, 2020). He has experience in recording events and festivals such as GFFF, FicBueu or Primavera do Cine.

Paula Cermeño

Paula Cermeño

Journalist passionate about cultural life, food and travel. She writes about current affairs and gastronomy and manages the social networks of the magazine A Movida, discovers new audiovisual talents in Dot Galicia and publishes reports in the cultural supplement Sermos Galiza. She is part of the communication teams of the Galician Freaky Film Festival, The Wild Fest, the Mostra do Posible and Primavera do Cine, where she also works as a staff photographer. She dreams of doing all this from a Caribbean beach.

Raquel Vázquez

Raquel Vázquez

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Pontevedra faculty. She is part of the performance group Sex. Inc. performing multiple performances. She worked as a graphic designer in Marta Villar's studio within the creation of sets for TVG series and programs and collaborating in the setting of the TV Movie "Entre Bateas" (Mestre Mateo Award for best artistic direction). At the production company "La Casa Mortimer" she develops tasks of dissemination of audiovisual culture, with the organization of film days and monographic conferences. She is also the Artistic Director of the documentaries "A Paixón de María Soliña" and "Afranio". She is responsible for the setting and decoration of the GFFF festival.

Óscar Suárez

Óscar Suárez

He made his film debut with The Last Patrol. In 2001 and 2002 he had his first experience on TVG, working on the series Fíos, where he was in charge of the castings and also the tasks of director of some sets of this television series. He also works as a "coach" with actors and actresses such as Manuel Manquiña Laura Ponte or Manolo Romón. Between 2004 and 2005 he collaborated with Televigo, and was part of the team ¡Qué grande es ser freak! From 2005 to 2010 he worked at Planeta Cine, where he stood out in his very personal criticism of the weekly premieres of the big screen. He collaborated with different cultural magazines, and in 2013 he finished the book: Memorias dun neno cinéfago. He is also a co-founder of the Galician Freaky Film Festival (GFFF). Since 2016 he has been giving lectures, workshops and film courses in different schools, institutes or cultural associations in the city of Vigo.

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